Concerning Risks and Side Effects ...

you do not need to ask your doctor or pharmacist in our case, but we would like to make a few comments at this point.

Ripened wines with partly several decades of storage time naturally involve certain risks. There cannot be any guarantee of enjoyment and such will never exist. Only those who dare to take these risks will be able to climb the incomparable heights of pleasure that such wines can hold.

It is always within the realm of possibility that the concrete wine has already passed its zenith despite a good filling level and impeccable storage. Especially since the natural cork contributes to the fact that it can sometimes come to the same wine to considerable bottle variances. So said Michael Broadbent MW, the gray eminence of the British wine trade, once in a nutshell: For mature wines, there are no bad or good years, but only bad or good bottles. The older a wine, the larger the differences in the individual bottles may be.

Or, to put it briefly: "No risk, no fun".

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